(a) Army Public School RK Puram

  1. 1. Location. Ramakrishnapuram (Adjacent to the Ramakrishnapuram Railway Station and near Fly over Neredmet).
  2. 2. Bus Route 24 S  from Secunderabad Rly Station. Bus Stop � Signal Officers Mess.
  3. 3. Postal Address. RK Puram, Secunderabad- 500056.
  4. 4. Tele Nos. 27794729 & Military 6261.

(b) The school is affiliated to CBSE and follows CBSE syllabus.
Army Public School, RK Puram has classes from class I to XII.

(a) Admission forms for all categories will be made available for class I only.

(b) Admission forms for classes II to X & XII will be made available for wards of Serving / Retired Army/Air force/Navy personnel only.

Following category of children will be admitted based on Transfer Certificate (TC) from previous school, without an admission test :-

(a) Children who are coming on pass/promoted TC from another APS between the period 01 Apr to 31 Jul.

(b) Children who have studied for 10 academic months in another APS and are seeking admission after 31 Jul.

(c) An evaluation test may be taken in respect of these children to facilitate further academic coaching and allocation of sections.

However such an evaluation test will not be treated as admission test and children entitled admission will be allowed to attend classes within 48 hours of reporting to the school.

Army Public School, RK Puram, Secunderabad 56 will conduct Admissions Tests for the new academics.


Class I English, Hindi & Maths Interview (Oral)

Class II V English, Hindi & Maths

Class VI X English, Hindi, Maths & Science

Class XII (Science) Eng, Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology/IP/Economics/PE Eng, Biology, Physics, Chemistry & IP/PE

Commerce Maths, Economics & Commerce Commerce, Economics & PE

Humanities Political Science, Economics, History & Physical Education

(a) PRIORITY I (Category 1). Children of serving Army Personnel (including DSC), Children of Army Widows and children of those TA Personnel who have a minimum of 10 years embodied service.

(b) PRIORITY II (Category 2). Children of Army Ex-servicemen, DSC Personnel retired with pension from DSC.

(c) PRIORITY III (Category 3). Children of serving Air Force and Naval Personnel.

(d) PRIORITY IV (Category 4). Children of retired Air force and Naval Personnel.

(e) PRIORITY V (Category 5) Children of ex Army Personnel who left Army with less than 10 years of service and do not come under the category of ex-servicemen.

(f) PRIORITY VI (Category 6). Children of civilians paid out of Defence Estimates, Para Military forces, including Coast Guard, MES, GREF, TA (When not embodied)..

(g) PRIORITY VII (Category 7). Grand Children of Army Serving / Army Ex Servicemen. No concession would, however, be granted in tuition and other fees and these would be same as applicable to civilian category..

(h) PRIORITY VIII (Category 8). Other Children.

Admissions for Classes I to XII Class I 240 Vacancies for admission in class I having 6 Sections

Classes II to XII (except XI) As per vacancies exist ( for wards of defence serving personnel coming on transfer ).

Class XI Admission will be given in the Ist week of June as the board result will be out in the last week of May.

For Class I

(a) Father�s/Mother�s Service Certificate /Copy of Movement Order.

(b) Xerox copy of Birth Certificate duly attested by a Gazetted Officer and Extract of Part II Order duly attested by Commanding Officer.

(c) Xerox copy of discharge certificate duly attested by a Gazetted Officer along with original discharge certificate that will be returned after verification (in case of Ex- service man).

(d) In case of grand children of retired/serving personnel, the following certificates in support of the relationship:-

  1. 1. Birth certificate of the child�s parent (Mother/Father) who is related to the serving/retired person.

  2. 2. Birth Certificate of the child showing his/her relationship to the son/daughter of the serving/retired person.

For Class II to XII ( less Class XI )

(a) TC�s in respect of students coming from schools other than APS / Army Schools / KVs should be countersigned by the District Education Officer. The District Education Officer of the district includes the Inspector of Schools or any other authority nominated by the State Education Department in which the school is located. The endorsement should clearly indicate whether it is a recognized school.

(b) Father�s / Mother�s Service Certificate / Copy of Movement Order.

(c) For class II to VI, if TC is from an unrecognized school, an affidavit along with original transfer certificate to be submitted.

(d) Xerox copy of discharge certificate (for retired personnel) duly attested by a Gazetted Officer along with original discharge certificate, which will be returned after verification.

(e) Certificate as mentioned against Para II (d) (i) & (ii) in case of category VI (Grand Children of retired/serving personnel).

(f) Salary certificate by personnel of category V.

(g) Latest Xerox copy of Report Card is to be attached.

(h) For Admission to class X & XII � Registration Card of class IX to be submitted

Class XI � Admission will be given in the Ist week of June as the board result will be out in the last week of May.

A10631st March 2018
B20731st March 2018
C30731st March 2017
D40831st March 2016
E50931st March 2015
F61031st March 2014
G71131st March 2013
H81231st March 2012
I91331st March 2011
J101431st March 2010
K111531st March 2009
L121631st March 2008

Registration & Admission forms can be obtained from Army Public School, RK Puram on payment of Rs 200/- for Category I to V and Rs 500/- for Category VI & VII with effect from 20 Feb 2017. The filled in application forms for class I to be submitted to APS RK Puram latest by 10 Mar 17 (with all documents) and for other classes II to XII (less class XI) to be submitted to APS RK Puram only.

1. All Fmn HQs/Units in the station For Publicity

2. HQ Telangana & Andhra Sub Area.


CBSE Affliation No​: Old-130030, New-180006

Army Public School Ramakrishna Puram Secunderabad, Telangana,
India, PIN : 500056 .​

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