Ms Puja Singh


   Set not a goal too near at hand, lest it be easy won, and you content, with one small aim, Leave greater tasks undone. No great ship on its outbound way, but seeks some harbor far; and every hill, however high looks upward to a star.” It was the great Scientist Albert Einstein who remarked that “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learnt from school

While it is true that information gathered in the course of schooling can be forgotten, the knowledge that one gains from education gets assimilated and forms the foundation for a sound future. Undoubtedly this knowledge is superior to the content of any text book, and any educational set up that places ‘knowledge-development’ above ‘information –gathering’ rightly shapes the lives of young learners , giving them necessary directions and the required impetus to surge ahead. Our philosophy at APS RK Puram is that education should aim at ‘insight formation’ rather than ‘rote learning’; for this the latent creative talents need to be nurtured; original thinking needs to be encouraged. I sincerely believe that with goal –directed assistance and support, the children will flourish in all the fields and turn out to be balanced personalities, of whom the whole country will be proud.

With our value based teaching concept, we at APS RK Puram Secunderabad educate our students so that they can surge ahead with bright hopes and renewed courage to face the challenges of the fast developing scientific, technological and computerized world and carry aloft the torch of dedication and service in the society to be dutiful, progressive, rational and disciplined citizens always adding newer milestones to the old. God Bless